Connected Hearth installs systems that integrate security, cooling, heating, lighting, appliances and entertainment. Our systems enable access, monitoring and control remotely via the Internet and telephone and within the home via wall-mounted keypads and touchscreens. The equipment we install is a full-featured home automation system which includes a UL-listed security system. Contact us for a free estimate.

The Connected Hearth System includes:
Automation Controller
At the heart of the Connected Hearth system is the home automation industry's leading controller – the Omni family from Home Automation, Inc. Omni automation controllers can be programmed to execute a series of commands either by the homeowner, or automatically by a condition such as sunrise, sunset, time of day, day of week, temperature, humidity, occupancy, etc.
All Omni controllers feature a UL-listed burglar and fire alarm that can report alarm events to a Central Station Monitor, dial up to eight additional homeowner-specified phone numbers, and send emails. Any N/O or N/C contact can be used with the security system.
Consoles & Touchscreens
Easy-to-use, wall-mounted consoles and touchscreens and portable touchscreens offer complete in-home automation and control.
Cameras & DVR's
Internet cameras offer live remote viewing of your home. Internet cameras can be panned (left/right), tilted (up/down), and zoomed (in/out), or offer a fixed view. Some internet cameras feature motion detectors that email still pictures when triggered. Digital Video Recorders offer local and remote viewing of recorded video.
Omni controllers can support up to 64 communicating, programmable thermostats.
Lights can be turned on and off with time settings, and with dim, bright and level control as well. Advanced Lighting Control support allows ramp and scene settings for architectural-quality control.
Hot water heaters, garage door openers, sprinkler systems and more can be controlled through switched outlets and direct control outputs.
Rain, temperature and humidity sensors and Programmable Energy Saving Modules can connect to the controller to trigger actions and/or Central Station Monitoring and Event Notification.
Smoke Detectors
Smoke, carbon monoxide (CO), heat and gas detectors connect to the controller for Central Station Monitoring and Event Notification.
Water Sensors & Control
Sensors detect excessive water flow and leaks. They connect to the controller for Central Station Monitoring and Event Notification. Any condition such as a water leak, excessive water flow, or low temperature can be used to instantly shutoff the water main and trigger an alarm.
Integrated multi-room and multi-source audio/video systems offer easy-to-use and convenient entertainment.
Connected Hearth Internet Gateway
This device connects Home Automation, Inc.'s Omni family controllers to the internet. This device maintains communication between the home and Connected Hearth's secure servers.

Features & Benefits:
  • Added safety, convenience and comfort.
  • Instant peace-of-mind. Find out how your house is doing anytime – anywhere.
  • Energy savings.
  • Web cameras let you see there even when you can't be there. View the driveway, pool, kids playroom, even listen in. Recorded video shows you what happened and when.
  • Remotely disarm the security system and open the garage door for deliveries, close and re-arm when you see the UPS driver waving goodbye.  Did guests forget to turn on the alarm? Not to worry.
  • Our system prevents water leaks.  Water flow meters and temperature sensors can turn your water off before a leak occurs.  Your insurance company will show their appreciation for installing a Connected Hearth system with up to 18% homeowner premium discounts.
  • Never return to a dark, cold or overly-heated home again.  Remotely adjust the temperature and lights for just-in-time comfort and safety, and reduce your energy use too.
  • connects to our customer’s homes every 60 seconds checking the home’s vital stats.  At the first sign of trouble, problem-specific emails are sent to homeowner designated recipients.
  • maintains a date and time stamped audit trail of the changes in your security system, heating and cooling, and lighting and appliances.