Our automation controller adds rock-solid-state intelligence to your home. There is no operating sytem to crash, no hard disk to fail and no geek squad required for support. We install the industry's leading home automation controller from Home Automation, Inc. (HAI).

HAI's smart home controllers integrate and control security, cooling and heating, lighting and appliances, and audio and video for safety, comfort, convenience, entertainment, security and surveillance. Our smart home system can pay for itself through energy savings and increased insurance premium discounts while increasing the value and enjoyment of your home.

Our systems are easy-to-use and simplify the use and enjoyment of your home. Touchscreens, keypads and remotes allow you to control various systems throughout your home from convenient locations. You can remotely monitor and control your home via telephone and the internet. The system can also immediately notify you via phone and email of events and alarms.

Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated UL-listed burglar and fire security system adds safety, security and convenience.
  • Reduce your home's energy consumption with automated and remote temperature, lighting and appliance control.
  • Automatically set back temperature based upon events, sensor readings, time of day, outside temperature and humidity, occupancy or security system mode.
  • Integrated lighting lets you automatically and remotely control lighting for convenience and energy savings.
  • Connected appliances add convenience and energy savings.
  • Cameras and digital video recorders let you see there when you can be there. Live and recorded video can be viewed locally and remotely.
  • Multi-room audio distributes music throughout your home from shared audio sources with the convenience of whole-house control from any touchscreen or remote.

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