Save energy–save the planet–save money. By integrating our smart security/automation system with your heating and cooling, lighting, and appliances, you can reduce your home's energy consumption. Click here to learn more about how smart home systems save energy.

Here's How:

    • Our smart Energy Star® thermostats set-back automatically based upon time of day, outside temperature, occupancy or security system mode.
    • Remotely control your heating and cooling via telephone or the internet for just-in-time comfort eliminating over-heating or cooling when your home is unoccupied.
    • Temperature and humidity sensors can intelligently control your heating, cooling and ventilation.
    • Log your energy and HVAC usage along with interior and exterior temperature and humidity. Information is power.
    • Automatically control lighting based upon occupancy or time of day.
    • Automatically dimming lights saves an average of 10% of your lighting energy consumption and doubles bulb life. The more you dim your lights the more you conserve.
    • Arming/disarming the security system can turn off/on the hot water heater. Why heat water when no one's home?
    • Motorized shades can respond to ambient light levels and time of day.
    • Rain sensors can turn your sprinklers off when it rains.


  • Energy Monitoring / Energy Management. We install systems that allow real-time management and monitoring of your home's energy consumption.

Contact us for a free estimate on helping you reduce your energy consumption and save money too.

Connected Hearth is a Founding Member of the Hamptons Green Alliance.

Connected Hearth is Verus certified carbon neutral.