Connected Hearth

Security Policy

Protecting your privacy is very important to Connected Hearth.


Our CP-01 compliant and UL-listed smart security and fire system detects intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, low temperature, water and other hazards with wired and wireless sensors.

We understand and appreciate that security is of paramount concern to our customers, especially as it relates to their personal information and their homes. We use the latest industry standard methods to protect your data. We protect your personal information with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit strong encryption on all web pages where personal information is collected or displayed. Furthermore, communication between our server and the Connected Hearth Automation Controller uses a non-standard protocol.

Database and Server
The personal information we collect is stored in secure databases on secure servers. Our server is protected by firewall technology to prevent unauthorized access to any information. Passwords, names, and other information stored in our databases are encrypted.

Security System
The Connected Hearth Automation controller installed in our customer’s homes requires a separate Security Code in order for the anyone to make changes to its security system (arm, disarm, etc). This Security Code is also required to make changes to a customer’s security system through their Connected Hearth website account.This Security Code is set by the customer and is not stored by Connected Hearth, nor is it accessible to Connected Hearth personnel.

Customers may at their option elect to have one or more IP or web-based cameras in their home which are accessible through their Connected Hearth account. These cameras can be configured by the customer to require usernames and passwords different from their Connected Hearth account username and password. Customer defined usernames and passwords for their IP or web-based cameras are not stored by Connected Hearth nor are they accessible to Connected Hearth personnel.

Customer login requires a valid username and password. Separate passwords are required by customers to affect their Security Systems, and may be defined by the customer for access to any IP or web-based cameras in their homes. We use multiple layers of challange/grant authentication at our server and databases, and at the customer’s Controller.

Automatic Logoff
After five minutes of inactivity Customer login sessions are automatically terminated.

The Connected Hearth Automation Controller is protected by a firewall in the customer’s home. Our server is also protected by firewall technology to prevent unauthorized access to any information.

Audit Trail
A complete record of all actions taken by a customer through their Connected Hearth account and even within their home using the Controller Console is maintained in our secure database on our secure server

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