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Connected Hearth installed HAI's OmniPro II system at our summer home about a year ago. The system is equipped with an alarm, inside/outside temperature, water leak, fire and smoke sensors, automatic water shutoff valve and controls all zones of HVAC. There is even a video camera inside the house. I can now remotely (via the internet or telephone) monitor my house, turn the alarm system on or off, set the temperature and get alarm notification if temperature inside the house drops in the winter, or if there is a break-in, water leak or fire. The system has worked flawlessly for a year now, even during a power outage. This has been one of the best investments in our vacation house, it provides us with peace of mind and almost a total control over the house which stays unoccupied for long periods of time while we are far away. John and his crew has been very professional during the installation of the system, and later in teaching me how to use it and in making small adjustments and expanding it. I can highly recommend Connected Hearth to other homeowners looking to install a high-quality house monitoring, control and alarm system.
Jan S.
Shelter Island, NY
It's my pleasure to recommend John and Connected Hearth. They are professional and do high-quality work and installations. I'm very satisfied with the job they did for me. John is extremely responsive to any technical issues and has provided excellent support as my home's security and electrical systems transforms itself from a physical system into an interactive, remotely accessible and controllable intelligent system. Sincerely,
Nathaniel K.
Bridgehampton, NY
Connected Hearth has already saved our house from a freeze!
Edward K.
East Hampton, NY
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