Connected Hearth


Monthly service fees are automatically billed to our customer's preferred credit card.



We install multi-room,
multi-source audio/video

Our intelligent security system protects your family and home with greater savvy systems.

We design and install
wired and wireless

Simply replace your light switches with our smart switches for programmed and remote control.


Energy monitoring and management systems let you see your home's energy consumption in real-time.

Indoor and outdoor cameras can record activity and be viewed and controlled via the internet.

Monthly Services

Monthly services may be cancelled at any time without obligation.

Installation & Service

Contact us today for a free estimate.

  • Installation and service costs depend upon the system and options chosen, and the particulars of your home. Custom programming costs vary by installer.

Connected Hearth Subscription

Subscription fee for internet-based home monitoring and control through our secure website.

$ 39.95
  • The subscription includes Event Notification (EN) service. The Connected Hearth server continually monitors our customer's homes for unauthorized entry, fire, water leak and low temperature. If any of these conditions exist the homeowner is immediately notified via email with a custom message they have previously written.

    Event Notification allows a custom message to be written for each event, and for up to three recipients for each event. Email/text messaging can be sent to any email account, pager, text messaging device, and most cell phones.

Central Station

Central Station Monitoring fee for 24/7/365 response to an alarm within your

$ 39.95
  • Central Station Monitoring fee for 24/7/365 response to an alarm within your home.


Dynamic Domain Name Service allows you to use your own hostname to access cameras and other systems in your home

$ 4.95
  • Even when your IP address changes. E.g., use instead of a series of ever-changing numbers.
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